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Capital Campaign 2022


At Summit School, we leave no stone unturned in offering our students programs equal to their uniqueness and abilities. This has been our mission for six decades. That is why the time is now to further build upon our reputation as a Canadian trailblazer in education, treatment, and inclusion advocacy. 

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Introducing Summit School's

Creative Arts Centre

Summit is building a state-of-the-art expansion to its existing building. Housed in this new centre will be a new gymnasium and training complex as well the very first Canadian Creative Arts Center for the Neurodiverse.

Built for Research
Bringing Our Expertise to the World

Integrated in the new expansion will be infrastructure allowing for Summit’s in-house, McGill affiliated, research centre, SCERT (nationally unique model), to conduct and disseminate studies into the relationship between the arts, physical education, and their effects on neurodevelopment in its student population.

Researching the Benefits

of Expression

SCERT's studies aim to fill the gap in research correlating exposure to performance and arts education and self confidence, autonomy and identity in developmentally diverse youth.

Researching the Benefits of Movement

Studies suggest physical activity improves both mental health and academic performance in typically developing youth, SCERT aims to examine these relationships in neurodiverse students.

Exploring Best Practices

SCERT's research into Summit School's unique approach will lead to verifiable best practices that can be disseminated locally, nationally and internationally.

Help Us Create a Future
Where Our Students Can Succeed

The new expansion will have an instant and profound impact on our ability to deliver our innovative and effective programs. Greater space and resources will allow staff and students to discover new ways to learn and grow.

HERMAN ERDOGMUS, Director General

You can be part of bringing our proven educational methodology to the broader community, meanwhile supporting our school's constant evolution toward discovering and implementing the very best educational practices for

neurodiverse learners.

Goal and Campaign Booklet

The Awaken the Potential Capital Campaign seeks to raise $15M for the creation of its bold new Expansion project. 


With strong partners and a long history of innovation and success, Summit School plans to begin construction of the new Summit Creative Arts Centre in the Summer of 2022.  


Our exciting lead donation of $3M from the Azrieli Foundation has spearheaded our Campaign. We invite forward-thinking and socially innovative donors who are committed to excellence in neuro-diverse education and facilitating research in this area to get involved.


Together we can ensure these amazing young people have the resources to enter society with greater confidence, ready to show the world who they truly are and of what they are truly capable of achieving.

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Be a part of building Canada's first
Creative Arts Centre for the Neurodiverse


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