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Summit School
A Proven Leader

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At Summit I learned to read and write, but more than that, I learned who I was and what I was capable of. Summit gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my dreams.


After nearly sixty years of an unparalleled commitment to excellence in neurodiverse education, Summit School has become a recognized leader in the field. Through a continued focus on our student-first approach, we strive to expand our impact both on our students' lives and in the broader community. 

The demand for our services has never been higher. Every year there is a long waiting list, and we do our best to accommodate as many families as we can, but there are always fewer spots than applicants.

Now is the time to launch into our next phase of expansion, bringing our students and our school confidently into the future. 

Key Advantages

Key Advantages



Our 1 to 7 student to teaching staff ratio allows for significant individual attention. This ratio leads to a teacher-led, flexible, student-centric operating structure that can quickly and effectively implement new programs and educational strategies. 



Our fully integrated interdisciplinary team can efficiently solve problems and troubleshoot from a myriad of different perspectives, ensuring every potential for positive development is explored throughout each child’s educational journey


From our renowned creative arts program to our ground-breaking job training initiatives, innovation is encouraged in our teaching culture, giving our students as many experiences as possible to foster their confidence and sense of identity. 

Summit School's


Every year our school's impact grows. Take a look at just some of our accomplishments in the 2020-2021 School year.

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Summit School's


The story of Summit School began in 1963 when the parents of four children with Down Syndrome decided a school needed to be created to serve their needs. Right from the beginning, its mandate was provide student-first education. Over the first eight years, the school grew from six to forty-two students.

In 1971 Gloria Cherney was hired as the principal. Under her guidance, the school flourished. Adding two expansions to its main campus and creating two satellite campuses. One of which, TECC, launched the school's  Job Integration Program which, for over thirty years, has placed students in Montreal businesses garnering work experience and, in some cases, real employment.

In 2013 Herman Erdogmus became the school's Director General. He has continued to oversee the growth of the school while maintaining its student-first philosophy. During his tenure, Summit's focus on unique and innovative teaching methods has led to the establishment of the school's Performing Arts Department, Research Centre and thriving learn-to-work businesses. 

Today Summit has an enrollment of 656 students, and it is time to bring the school confidently into the future with this new expansion project.

Be a part of building Canada's first
Creative Arts Centre for the Neurodiverse


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