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Summit School's New

This will be the first ever creative arts centre for the neurodiverse. Housing music and media production studios, a visual arts room and a dance studio, this building will truly be a place where the voices of a new generation of neurodiverse youth will given the resources to flourish.

The Centre is not simply an expansion, but the dawn of a new era for Summit School and its presence in the international landscape of inclusion research and advocacy, for which Montreal is quickly becoming a recognized hub.

The Time to Build is Now

A Program Like None Other

At Summit School, the Creative Arts program has translated its unique philosophy of fostering self-expression and identity exploration into a nationally and internationally recognized model.


This vital curriculum is leading discussions on “neurodiverse identity” and challenging audiences to see these young people in new ways.


The school's new building will provide a home to the arts, not only at Summit, but in the community, the city, and the country. 

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  • 900 square foot dance studio

  • Performance and rehearsal space

  • Doubles as yoga studio


  • Double teaching space

  • Home of the Summit Gallery

  • State of the art design


  • Double teaching space

  • Home of school 's choir and band

  • Sound recording studio inside


  • Green screen and studio lights

  • Home of Summit News TV Channel

  • Place to edit and produce webinars

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Living Creatively,
Living Actively


The new expansion will also be a place where our students will learn the skills and habits that will allow them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.


Youth with developmental diversity are more susceptible to inactivity due to motivation and socialization challenges.


Our team of professionals work with our students over years to instill the tools they will need to live a healthy life.  



  • Full-size gymnasium with bleachers

  • Perfect space for "neurodiversity" sports tournaments

  • Removable stage for performances and conferences

Training Centre

  • Equipment for muscle-building and stamina training

  • Resources for occupational and physical therapy

  • Instruction in health and activity habit building

Rooftop Courtyard

  • Basketball and outdoor soccer courts

  • Green area for environmental programs

  • Playground area

Bicycle Training Area

  • Cement training circuit

  • Specialized adapted bicycles

  • Unique program designed to bring the joy of family bike rides to Summit families

Be a part of building Canada's first
Creative Arts Centre for the Neurodiverse


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